Real Yoga for Real People

YogaLAB provides quality yoga at affordable prices in a safe, supportive environment – offering yoga on a different level. Everyone in class is served through individual attention, clear instruction, and modifications to fit every level of practice – no matter what body type, age, or level of ability.

YogaLAB is the first studio in Oklahoma City to create a pay-it-forward program, which provides free classes to those who cannot afford the price of a regular class. You can pay-it-forward by donating as little as one dollar so someone can enjoy a class.

  • All classes are walk in- $10 per class
  • We provide mats and props free of charge

  • Classes are 60 minutes in length and are for All-Levels

  • Classes are unheated

  • We do not play music during class

YogaLAB is owned and operated by Spirit House Yoga, Oklahoma City’s oldest yoga studio, founded in 2004 by Martha McQuaid and Ted Cox.

YogaLAB classes are taught by experienced teachers, and mentoring students who have graduated or are currently enrolled in Spirit House Yoga’s Teacher Training Program


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